Election Results


Shawn Allport 127
Keith Valko 81

Vice President
Robert Taylor 128
Kojak Valentine 81

Secretary / Treasurer
Tracy French Srebinski  127
Barry Lange 75

Unit Vice President TFS
Mike Yaeger 41
Keith Valko 34

Unit Vice President IEFS
Kojak Valentine  61
Matt DiLaura 30
Anthony Cornett 12


Tim Sagert Unapposed

Vice President
Barry D. Lange II 125
Jason Biscarner 64

Tracy James 146
Janet Kandt-Harris 135

Tammi Lane 167
David Peterson 113


President : Shawn Allport (unopposed)

Secretary / Treasurer  Tracy French-Serbinski (unopposed)

Vice President : Robert Taylor  (WINNER)   88 votes

                             Kojak Valentines.               58 votes


Orzechowski, Samantha A

Pryor, Asya Tan`ae

We thought that today might be the day AT$T was going to get serious about bargaining….

The Company continues to indicate that they would like to reach an agreement by midnight on Saturday, but their proposals and theircontinuous rejection of our proposals seems to indicate that those words are hollow and without meaning. It appears that the contract agreement that they would like to reach does not include us or any of our ideas or concerns.

The Union started the day off by reminding the Company that we are not going to go backwards in this contract!