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Digital Day of Action!

More people are getting sick and the economy continues to reel from the profound mismanagement of the COVID19 pandemic, and the unfortunate reality is things could still get worse without significant new relief. The US House passed the HEROES Act in May, which goes a long way toward providing the kinds of necessary aid for any chance of recovery. Unfortunately, Senator Mitch McConnell is playing games and trying to extract pain in the negotiations as Republicans call for their typical playbook of tax cuts, rollbacks of unemployment benefits, and shrinking public services and the public sector. We just can't afford this dangerous and reckless B.S. We need HEROES, and we need it now.

Can you help us tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21, in a digital Day of Action sponsored by the AFL-CIO to push for the HEROES Act? We're asking for you to post these graphics to social, go live while calling your Senator, and use your social media to get the word out: without HEROES, we cannot recover from COVID19.

As public service workers, we have a lot to be worried about. Just like in the Great Recession, the real impact to our public budgets will lag behind the current economic crisis, as tax receipts come up disastrously low in 2021. Failure to act now may mean that the crisis will persist for potentially years in the future. Take a look:

COVID-19 State Budget Shortfalls

Without urgent, meaningful and significant relief, our social safety net may be left in tatters, and millions of public workers will face furloughs, layoffs and cuts. Join us. Take action. Call on the US Senate to pass HEROES - now.