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Stewards & Union Representation

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Policy Statement

  1. Ideally, most workplace performance problems are handled by informal discussion and counseling between the supervisor and the employee.
  2. When more formal corrective action is required, appointed employees who have completed their new-employee evaluation period, will only be disciplined or discharged for just cause.
    1. Just cause means having a legitimate reason to invoke formal corrective action.
    2. The employee and/or designated union representative shall, upon request, receive information or an explanation concerning the legitimate reason(s) for invoking formal corrective action.
  3. Corrective action will be imposed in a progressive manner, unless circumstances warrant more severe discipline or discharge.
  4. The employee has the right to prepare and append a statement to discipline and to maintain such statement along with discipline in the appropriate files. Campus Human Resources reserves the right to review and reject statements that include derogatory language, disparaging remarks, or other statements that could be considered objectionable. CWA will be advised of the rejection and the reason(s) therefore. CWA may work with the employee to revise the letter. Such statements should not be construed to be in lieu of or to waive the right to the use of any other options provided by policy to respond to discipline.
  5. All corrective actions may be appealed by the employee through the Problem-Grievance Resolution for Support Staff (CWA, Local 4730) procedure.

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