The Orange Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company. The Company still seems to have their head in the sand when it comes to what you need in terms of fair compensation. We have said many times how the Company is trying to shift costs to you in terms of benefits, and now they have offered completely unacceptable wage increases. Workers throughout this country have been affected by inflation and increasing health care costs, but AT&T continues to have record profits because of the hard work that you do.
We have been bargaining for 8 weeks, and we still remain far apart on just about every issue. There has been some movement in the right direction when it comes to benefits but that movement is not nearly enough to provide you with an affordable plan for you and your families. In the middle of a global health crisis, AT&T continues to try to put more of the financial burden on its employees. Your Bargaining Team will not accept their greed, and we will continue to fight for a fair and affordable benefits package.
The results of the contract extension ratifications are as follows: CWA/AT&T Midwest results: 71% YES, 29% NO With a majority of eligible voters participating, members that work for AT&T Midwest voted in favor of ratifying the contract extension. The vote count was conducted by six (6) members from across our District. CWA/AT&T COS Global results: 8% YES, 92% NO
Communications Workers of America District 4 has reached a Tentative Agreement on an Extension of the 2018 Midwest CBA. The TA secures all current contract language and provides the following economic adjustments, as well as keeping Health Care costs in check.
Bargaining continued last week between the CWA and DIRECTV committees. The Union Bargaining Team continues to wait for DIRECTV to respond to a number of information requests submitted by the union team over the last couple of weeks.
On August 26, 2021, AT&T informed the Communications Workers of America (CWA) that it intended to implement a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy requiring all Wireline employees represented by CWA in Districts 3, 4, 6, 9 & CWA T&T, be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. 
As previously reported, the CWA bargaining committee has passed numerous proposals and counter proposals across the bargaining table relative to AT&T's plans to implement a rigid COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.  The ball remains in the company's court as the Union committee continues to await AT&T's response to our most recent bargaining demands.  At this time, there is nothing new to report.  
On September 17, 2021, the parties continued meetings at the bargaining table.  The CWA bargaining committee passed modified bargaining demands across the table.  The company's committee had several questions about the Union's efforts to protect its membership from the company's hardline stance on the implementation of their COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.
On September 16, 2021, the parties resumed negotiations on the Company's proposed implementation of a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.  Proposals presented by the CWA Bargaining Committee the previous day were discussed  Ultimately, the Company provided responses to each of them; either rejecting them or indicating where there might be latitude for movement.
Yesterday morning, the CWA Bargaining Committee worked on formulating proposals to present to AT&T representatives relative to the Company's proposed implementation of a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.