AT&T Mobility

Last month, AT&T Mobility informed the CWA that the company was going to implement a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy requiring all Mobility employees, including those represented by CWA in all Districts, to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.
Yesterday the Union Bargaining Committee, District 4 leadership and Local Union Presidents from across the Midwest met in Indiana
There have been no breakthroughs in negotiations yet this week. This committee has continued to lookfor ways to draw AT&T off their current stances and address the concerns that CWA members have identified.
February 9 is the expiration of CWA District 3’s contract with AT&T Mobility. This round of bargaining has been surprisingly tough when you consider that AT&T has had a very profitable year, and the company is set up for a big windfall from the recent tax cuts.

Links to the full text of the Tentative Agreement, along with two wage charts that illustrate the net wage increases for those hired before and after 1/1/17.

After almost a year of bargaining and unprecedented mobilization we have reached a groundbreaking tentative agreement for members under the Orange contract at AT&T Mobility. 

Talks continued this week and the Union passed our full counter proposal to the company that includes all those issues you’ve identified as a priority in this round of bargaining.

CWA and AT&T Bargaining Committees met in New Jersey today where AT&T finally properly passed us their “Final Offer” proposal package, which contains details of the so-called highlights which they have been emailing to you the membership since last week.

What a week! Instead of waiting until Tuesday, November 7th, which is the earliest day AT&T was available to meet face to face, they tried to go around us and directly to you.

This week the CWA bargainers met to review our proposals and outstanding data requests, and to prepare responses to AT&T’s recent proposals, which did not address the issues that we have been talking to them about for months.