In October 2021 Lumen notified CWA of their intent to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for the unionized workforce.
We met with the Company November 17, 2021, to continue Effects Bargaining over the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine mandate. We rejected a series of Company proposals that wouldn’t treat each employee’s circumstance fairly and equally. Bargaining is recessed for the day and we will be working with the Company to secure future dates to get back to the table.
We met with the Company today in regards to the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine mandate. The Company made some counter proposals and CWA is reviewing these proposals. The Company rejected the proposals that CWA presented at last week’s bargaining session.
We held our first effects bargaining session with the Company for members of all bargaining units at Lumen on November 2, 2021, regarding the recently announced COVID Vaccine mandate.

The Local and Company started negotiations Monday the 13th. A partial list of proposals was handed over to the Company from the Local.

Local 4370 Reaches a Tentative Agreement With Century Link
CWA ratifies agreement with Century Link, Ohio