Y. P. Holdings

By a clear majority of those who voted, the tentative agreement with YP Holdings was ratified today.

After some long days and nights, and tireless efforts from the Committee, a Tentative Agreement with YP Holdings was reached at 8:00 p.m. tonight.

While we were unable to achieve everything we would have liked to, we were successful in obtaining changes to some very retrogressive and concessionary proposals that were put forth by YP.

The Committee is unanimous in recommending ratification of this agreement.

We will hold a conference call on Tuesday, September 20 to go over the agreement details and discuss ratification.  Details to follow.

In Unity,

The committee met with YP representatives all day yesterday reviewing relevant data and proposals that had been previously presented.  We then worked late into the night discussing these proposals and preparing counters to present in our meetings today.

The issues on the table are tough, but your committee is strong and together in our fight to get an agreement.

The contract expires on Friday, September 16.

In Unity,

CWA YP Holdings Bargaining Committee

YP Holdings LLC Bargaining Report #1