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Bargaining Updates Around CWA - AT&T/DirecTV, TCGPlayer, and more

CWA District 9 Continues Bargaining with AT&T and DirecTV

The CWA District 9 Bargaining Teams have been hard at work, proposing contract changes that reflect the needs of the workers at both DirecTV and AT&T. In both instances, though the bargaining teams have put forth dozens of proposals, the companies have failed to agree to a single one. The bargaining teams remain resolute in their insistence that workers need better health and safety protocols, better scheduling options, and pay increases.

Meanwhile, workers across CWA District 9 have been mobilizing to show support for their bargaining teams.

As the April 6 contract expiration date nears, CWAers plan to rally with supporters on March 30 in Sacramento and Los Angeles to show that they support their bargaining committee and are ready to do whatever it takes for a fair contract.

For the latest updates on District 9 bargaining, please visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram @CWADistrict9.

CWA District 9 Bargaining Collage


CWA Workers at eBay/TCG Player Win NLRB Settlement

In a victory for CWA members at TCGplayer, a subsidiary of eBay, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has approved a settlement of Unfair Labor Practice charges against the company. The settlement includes significant payments for two workers who were unlawfully fired, and other workers will be compensated for lost sick pay.

The decision comes as the workers mark the one-year anniversary of winning their union vote and forming TCGUnion-CWA, part of CWA Local 1123. Since workers banded together to negotiate a fair contract, eBay and TCGplayer have engaged in a series of delay tactics to avoid meeting workers at the bargaining table.

In addition to ruling that two workers had been unlawfully terminated for engaging in protected union activity, the NLRB determined that the company had refused to recognize and bargain with the union, denied workers their right to union representation in meetings, threatened to discipline union workers more harshly than others, and unlawfully changed the terms and conditions of employment without first bargaining with the union as required.

“eBay must learn to respect Communications Workers of America Local 1123 and its members that work at eBay,” said Chris Ryan, President of CWA Local 1123. “We are encouraged by this settlement and proudly stand in solidarity with these workers. We will continue to support TCGplayer workers as they bargain their first contract to get the wages and benefits they deserve.”

CWAers at eBay and TCGPlayer 
Members of TCGUnion-CWA (CWA Local 1123) won a ruling by the NLRB this week, forcing TCGPlayer and its parent company eBay to compensate workers unlawfully terminated and come to the bargaining table in good faith.


CWA Members Continue Bargaining with Piedmont Airlines

The CWA bargaining committee met with Piedmont management last week to continue fighting for a fair contract for passenger service and ramp agents at Piedmont Airlines. This contract would impact workers across several CWA Locals.

The company passed proposals on a number of articles, including overtime and health and safety, and responded to union proposals on filling vacancies, hours of service, training, and sick leave.

While the union and management exchanged meaningful conversations and are close to agreement on many articles, no tentative agreements were reached this session. Piedmont did, however, provide the union with an update on a status of information request to be able to formulate an economic proposal.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for April 23-25.

Piedmont Airlines Bargaining 
Members of CWA Local 4201 are among those who would be covered by a new contract with Piedmont Airlines. The CWA bargaining team has had constructive conversations with Piedmont but has not yet reached an agreement.


CWA Road Workers in Iowa Demand Their Cheeseburger, To Go!

A report from Corey Davis, President, CWA Local 7103

Road workers in Woodbury County, Iowa face many challenges. They go out in freezing temperatures, often long after the sun has set and long before the sun rises. As public workers and members of CWA Local 7103, their union has been under attack by corporate-backed politicians who want to weaken our power to stand up for ourselves.

But they have been fighting back – and winning! Click here to read CWA Local 7103 President Corey Davis’s inspiring story about how these workers won contract improvements and stayed CWA Strong (and what a cheeseburger has to do with it)!


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