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Celebrating Labor Day By Showing Up for Each Other

07 Sep, 2023

In his Labor Day message, CWA President Claude Cummings Jr. urged CWA members to recommit to the fight for dignity and respect for all working people. “We must be strong - CWA Strong - for each other and for our communities. That means showing up for each other, not just at our workplaces or within our locals or our industries. When a member of our CWA family puts out a call for help, I want you to show up. When a member of any union puts out a call for help, I want you to show up. Whenever someone is fighting for respect and dignity for all working people - whether it is an ally or an elected official or anyone else - I want you to show up.”

Read the full message here.

CWAers across the country celebrated Labor Day this week by participating in rallies, breakfasts, panels, picnics and parades. CWA President Claude Cummings Jr. (top photo) addressed the crowd at the North Georgia AFL-CIO Labor Day Celebration.


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