CWA District 4/DirecTV Midwest Bargaining Report #6

Discussions are ongoing with DirecTV to reach agreement on a new contract with the Company

CWA and DirecTV have agreed to extend the current contract with the ability of either side to terminate the extension with 72 hours’ notice. The Union committee continues to push DirecTV to address the outstanding issues that remain.

 Since our last report we have counter proposed the company’s initial healthcare proposal. This has been one of the items that we have been working very hard on as it took a number of weeks to come to an understanding on the calculation of the baseline costs.

We are now awaiting the company’s responses to our outstanding proposals, including a number of work rules, wages, and all applicable benefits.

This committee is continuing to fight for a fair agreement that addresses the issues that were communicated to us from CWA members in the Midwest region.

In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team

Tianna Reid-Local 4009

Ray Wunderle-Local 4320

Ron Gay-CWA District 4


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