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CWA/AT&T - Wireline COVID Vaccination Bargaining Update #7

On September 17, 2021, the parties continued meetings at the bargaining table.  The CWA bargaining committee passed modified bargaining demands across the table.  The company's committee had several questions about the Union's efforts to protect its membership from the company's hardline stance on the implementation of their COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Our Union bargaining committee answered the company's questions and made it clear that certain protections must be in place for our membership.  As it stands today, our committee is on standby awaiting a response from AT&T.  As additional information becomes available, updates will be distributed.  

In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee:

District 3: Nick Hawkins, Assistant to the Vice President
District 4: Curt Hess, Assistant to the Vice President
District 6: Mark Franken, Administrative Director
District 9: Dominique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice President
CWA T&T Office: Ken Saether, Assistant to the Vice President