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CWA/Frontier Bargaining Update #9

Negotiations between your CWA bargaining committee and Frontier North, Inc. resumed at the CWA District 4 office in Cleveland, on June 13, 14 and 15. The Company and Union have reached a complete final settlement. The final settlement must be approved of by the CWA Executive 

Board before an official tentative agreement can be reached between the parties. A complete summary of all changes in the Frontier North Collective Bargaining Agreement will be shared with all members once the final settlement is approved by the Executive Board. Please continue wearing red on Thursdays as a display of solidarity.


Your Union Bargaining Committee

Chair – Shannon Kirkland, CWA Staff, Steve Kotel WI, President CWA Local 4671, Judy Brasda WI, Assignment Center Rep, CWA Local 4671, TJ Golia  IN, Area Representative, CWA Local 4773, John Cosgrove OH, President CWA Local 4375,  Eric Baxter OH, President, CWA Local 4385 and Aaron Carpenter OH, President CWA Local 4372