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Organizing Updates Around CWA - Night Owls Print Shop

Night Owls Print Shop

Last week, workers at Night Owls Print Shop in Houston, Texas, won an NLRB union election with over 70 percent support to join CWA Local 6222. With the support of Local 6222 President-elect Belinda Aguilar and CWA District 6 staff, the Night Owls union organizing committee battled through a grueling anti-union campaign that involved the illegal termination of an organizing committee member. Management hired anti-union consultants to scare workers and spread misinformation in anti-union meetings. The organizing committee held strong, however, with a focused message of support for one another and a path to improving conditions for workers. Night Owl employees now have a voice in their workplace, and CWA has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge to get the organizing committee member rehired.


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