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Worker Power Update

07 Jul, 2022

CWA Next Generation to Host Political Briefings Ahead of the Upcoming Elections

CWA Next Generation will host two virtual briefings this month to explore labor's strategy for victory on Election Day 2022. In 2020, CWAers mobilized with the entire labor movement to put a pro-labor administration in the White House. If we want to advance our social and economic justice agenda, we must continue to mobilize to elect pro-worker, pro-equality, and pro-democracy candidates to Congress and state legislatures this November. During the two virtual briefings, Cory Medina, CWA’s National Political Director, and Yolanda Bejarano, CWA’s National Legislative and Political Field Director, will discuss what CWA activists are doing in critical states across the country and how members can get involved to make their voices heard.

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CWA District 7 Members Building Broadband Better

Last week, CWA leaders and activists participated in a virtual town hall to learn more about CWA’s campaign to build broadband better. The town hall, organized by CWA District 7 Broadband Brigade members, included state lawmakers and community leaders. The participants discussed how they can work together to ensure that federal broadband buildout funds from the bipartisan infrastructure bill are used to support good jobs for CWA members and expand affordable internet access to all communities. CWA District 7 Vice President Susie McAllister spoke at the beginning of the discussion, followed by other invited guest speakers including Steve Berch, State Representative from Idaho, and Richard Andrade, State Representative from Arizona.

Representative Andrade, who was the primary sponsor of CWA-supported state broadband regulation legislation in Arizona, discussed the importance of expanding affordable high speed internet access to rural and underserved communities in the state using experienced union workers. Representative Berch gave a brief family history of his association with labor unions, and expressed his appreciation for CWA’s partnership on a number of issues including equitable broadband access.


CWAers Turn Out to Build Support for Tom Perez

CWA members in Maryland took part in a 4th of July Parade in Baltimore County with CWA-endorsed Maryland gubernatorial candidate Tom Perez to build support for his campaign. The members wore their CWA red and demonstrated their commitment to elect Perez, a pro-worker candidate who has an outstanding record when it comes to improving the lives of working families, fighting discrimination, and taking on the forces that want to restrict democratic rights. Perez also participated in a number of other parades over the 4th of July weekend across the state, including in Takoma Park, where he was joined by CWA Secretary Treasurer Sara Steffens.

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