CWA continued bargaining with Frontier this week over the effects the Company’s planned COVID-19 vaccine mandate will have on our members.
Since we transitioned from effects bargaining with AT&T we’ve been meeting for several weeks with DirecTV in an attempt to consolidate 10 different contracts (AT&T and Mobility) into one.
BCTGM Local 3G members have worked through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while these frontline workers put their hearts into their work, Kellogg continues to threaten to outsource jobs to Mexico.
Yesterday morning, the CWA Bargaining Committee worked on formulating proposals to present to AT&T representatives relative to the Company's proposed implementation of a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. 
The CWA bargaining committee met with AT&T.  The parties discussed the Union’s counter proposal to the Company’s proposed policy.  The Union counter, which included incentives and an alternative to mandatory vaccination, was ultimately rejected by the Company.
Today, the CWA bargaining committee met with AT&T and rejected the company's proposed mandatory vaccination policy for Union-represented employees.  Our committee further emphasized that CWA supports voluntary vaccination programs and opposes mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment. 
Today the company provided CWA with a partial response to our comprehensive request for information (RFI).  We expect that they will be providing us with a full response very soon.  Our bargaining committee spent the day in caucus reviewing the information provided and formulating a counter proposal to the company's proposed mandate.
Our national CWA bargaining committee met with the company's bargaining team to start the bargaining process.  The company presented a proposal that would require employees to be vaccinated.  The Union responded to the company's proposal by submitting a detailed request for information (RFI).
According to a poll released in June, Ohioans overwhelmingly agreed with Ryan on the need for laws strengthening workers' abilities to form unions and wanted to see the PRO Act pass.
CWA D4 Activists met up today in Madison Wisconsin with Congressman Mark Pocan to thank him for supporting the Pro Act and always having our back.
On August 20th, CWA District 4 was able to reach an agreement with AT&T Labor to continue the AT&T U.S. Flexible Workplace Program through September 30th of 2022.