CWA Local 4730

A Former IU Clerical Worker Transforms Into Union Organizer, Plus

The Beginnings of Local 4730: an interview with Linda Harl, one of the earliest members

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The Advantages of Becoming a Member of Local 4730
If a support staff member chooses to become a member of the Local by authorizing the deduction of dues from his or her pay of two hours of pay per month, membership benefits include:

While it may be a quiet year for elections out in the political world it is a busy year for CWA Local 4730. The terms of all 8 members of our Executive Board expire at the end of the year and that means it is time for us to elect a new board.

Elections, however, are for later. For now, it is time for nominations, for without nominees there can be no elections and no board.

Few facts - There are 8 seats on the Executive Board:

The Fight for 15 and the Battle of Wage Compression: CWA Local 4730 Proposals to IU Trustees