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Please see the attached notice

CWA Group:

Tuesday April 12 at the following times:

7:00am PEAC 130 closes at 9:00am

4:00pm Student Union 335 closes at 5:30pm


SBU Group:

Thursday April 14th at the following times: 12:00pm or 1:00pm Location: Student Union 335.

SBU and CWA bargaining teams met today with the University bargaining team. A tentative agreement was reached for both groups. Details will follow concerning the arrangements made for the contract explanation meeting and ratification vote.

The bargaining team met today. The last Mediation session is scheduled for March 30th. 

Currently there is no change in the University’s offers. 

You will be updated on the outcome of the March 30th meeting.  

We understand and share your frustration. Now more than ever we need you to support one another and your bargaining team.

The next Mediation session for the CWA Bargaining Team has been scheduled Thursday March 10th. Please check the website for updates at that time.  
Thank you for your support and patience thru this process.

We were unable to hold our previously scheduled meeting with the Mediator today, 1/24/2022.

Both sides are investigating alternatives concerning economic issues.  CWA's bargaining team will be using this time to explore more options and analyze data.

We hope to meet again in mid-February depending on the Mediators schedule.

Thank you for your patience and support of the CWA Bargaining Team.  We are fighting hard to bring you the best possible outcome.

Please don't forget to wear red on Thursdays to show your support for the bargaining team.